Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get ahold of you?

You can call or text our butcher for food prep advice from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM M-F.  You can email all other questions to info@theprimeribco.come and we will get back to you as quickly as possible 

When will my product arrive? 

We ship your product as quickly as practical.  If you order before 12 PM Monday through Friday it will likely ship the same day.  Ground shipping takes between 1 and 3 days in most regions of the US.  We package our beef to last up to 5 days while in transit. 

Will my beef arrive frozen?

The short answer is YES.  Your beef should arrive frozen or partially thawed.   If it arrives late or in unsatisfactory condition, take photos and send them to At that point we will determine if it warrants a claim with Route Shipping Insurance.  

What quality grade are your products?

All of our products are from USDA inspected facilities. We have several quality grades on hand at any time.  We largely choose to make our pitch to the consumer using 3 different ways to achieve a tender and juicy eating experience.

At The Prime Rib Co we want to make sure your eating experience is predictably incredible. That means an incredible eating experience EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Ever gone to the grocery store and bought a great steak, next time you buy from that same store...not so great. That's the lottery of tender juicy beef. We don't believe you should gamble with your dinner. We carry several product lines that make sure your dinner is incredible.

Our Albers Beef Black Label products come from our family farm, just a few minutes from our butcher shop. We select the best cattle and then sort them by their marbling scores. Once we harvest the cattle we wet age the beef for 35 days, then hand cut and trim your steaks. We then visually appraise each steak before shipping it to you...and its likely done by one of the owners, we are a small company!

Our Reserve & Chophouse lines are the result of taking midwestern beef and tenderizing it with all natural culinary enhancements.  These products have added beef tallow and salt to compliment and enhance the natural marbling of the meat. Our Reserve Chophouse line always starts as Choice or higher while the Regular Chophouse is a lesser product, they are both upgraded to a great eating experience. 

Our Wagyu Products are simply put, fantastic.  The way we make sure that they are a tender juicy eating experience?  Genetics, these cattle are bred to yield incredible beef.