Whole Tenderloin, Delayed Dinner

by Blake Albers

It really cooled down quickly this year didn't it?  Fast approaching are the shorter days and cooler temps, I already miss summer and we are only 2 days removed.  Thankfully its Nebraska and we will likely have another few nice days before falling off the ledge into the abyss that is winter. So how did the Albers Family change our Menu's if you will?  We kept it simple, for Labor day we did a whole Tenderloin and last night we kept it basic with some chili and cinnamon rolls. 

I forgot how easy and amazing a whole tender can be, it had been too long. 

Start by prepping the whole tenderloin.  I have a feeling a few of you might be shy, but it really is simple.   The chain comes off without much force, and we will add a recipe on what to do with that later.   Then comes the most satisfying part, pulling that silver skin off.  That is it, the tender is prepped.  I dont tie the tail back because of the varying thickness there is everything from blue rare to medium and that way everyone in the family is happy.   I used a pretty copious amount of Kosher Flake Salt, and then topped it off with our Lot 279 Prime Rib Rub, I let it sit on the counter until the smaller third of the Tender was room temperature.  

Here comes the sizzle, we did all this on the fly, no secret sauce here.   Five minutes a side as hot and fast as your grill will go.   Then low and slow, the thing is we didnt know how low and slow this was going to end up.   About 10 minutes into our low and slow mode, one of us was so miserable from a sunflower allergy, and to be honest the wind and 59 degree outdoor temp wasn't making the last day at the lake all that enjoyable anyway. 

We foiled it up, made the 15 min drive home and put it in the oven @ 400 until that same lower third was at 140 degrees.  Thats it, lets not try to complicate it by saying this is any harder than getting a good sear and then bringing it to temp.  Let the thermometer be your guide not some Pinterest Post's opinion of how fast your meat will cook.  The meat is the star of the show anyway, it will be ready when it wants to be.  Damn the sides.   At least that is my opinion.  

I would give you the recipe for the Chili, but its a secret...because I dont know it, we will have to ask Britt next time.  Enjoy the weather and lets get to cookin some bigger hunks of meat slower!